Sincerly, Knocked Up

I am a Hair Stylist from the Lone Star State. I have an occasional Fiance named Jay and a Chiweenie named Bailey.
Most recently, I have found myself pregnant. This is my pregnancy story. From those first two pink lines, to doctor appointments, to nursery decorating, and all the little crazy, fabulous, absolutely wonderful moments in between.

Good Times. Bad Times. Tears. Love. Hope. Belief. It's all here.

Wednesday, June 9

If you did not put the baby in there, don't touch the belly.

So whoever decided that running up to a pregnant belly in public, exclaiming aww very loudly, and rubbing said belly was appropriate is an idiot. That my friends, is the easiest way to lose an arm.
For most of my pregnancy my game plan for these idiots was to look at them and say "I'm not pregnant." The look these people give you is FABULOUS. Then of course, I have to say, "Just kidding, I'm pregnant." Although, these people will think twice before ever running up and groping another woman's pregnant belly. So you are welcome pregnant women of the world!

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