Sincerly, Knocked Up

I am a Hair Stylist from the Lone Star State. I have an occasional Fiance named Jay and a Chiweenie named Bailey.
Most recently, I have found myself pregnant. This is my pregnancy story. From those first two pink lines, to doctor appointments, to nursery decorating, and all the little crazy, fabulous, absolutely wonderful moments in between.

Good Times. Bad Times. Tears. Love. Hope. Belief. It's all here.

Tuesday, June 8


I text Jay today to tell him about my Thurs doctor appointment. I got a text back reading"I would marry you if you were not pregnant, I'm not ready for a child, not a good time. I'm sorry."
So I called this MF up, told him that I would file with my attorney general for child support and that he needed to decide whether he was going to have any visitation with MY child. I was very clear that there would be no one foot in, one foot out bull shit.
I was not expecting this. Two weeks ago the man was begging to marry me!! How do you just change your mind overnight and bail on your kid and his mother. I did not get pregnant by myself and I will not go down alone. If he wants things to go this way, he needs to be ready for a fight. My father used to say that the only thing worse than an ex wife was a baby mama. Well Jay is about to get a BIG taste of that truth.
This day just keeps getting better and better. New lesson learned - wealthy, attractive, single men suck. Never, under any circumstances, let him not wear a condom. Birth control or otherwise, just say no.

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