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I am a Hair Stylist from the Lone Star State. I have an occasional Fiance named Jay and a Chiweenie named Bailey.
Most recently, I have found myself pregnant. This is my pregnancy story. From those first two pink lines, to doctor appointments, to nursery decorating, and all the little crazy, fabulous, absolutely wonderful moments in between.

Good Times. Bad Times. Tears. Love. Hope. Belief. It's all here.

Thursday, June 10


Today was amazing. I had my first Prenatal doctor visit, I was a little nervous, not knowing exactly what to expect and all; but the appointment went very well. It looks like I will be having a low risk pregnancy. Hooray!
I experience my very first sonogram, and I have to say, my baby is the cutest baby in the history of babies. Ever. So the midwife finds the baby, and my oh my was my Sweet Baby active. He was wiggling around, waving his little fingers (that have bones btw), and stretching out those impressively long baby legs. It was quite adorable. I am officially 11weeks and 1day pregnant and Half Pint is 11.3cm long. :)
Today was also the first day that I was officially a proud mommy. I showed everyone pictures of my baby - the receptionist, the pharmacist, the photo lab employee, the cashier, and a random lady in the picture frame isle. I also made copies of sonogram pictures today which have been framed and placed at my desk, on the grandma-to-be's desk, by the bed, and in my living room. A little excessive? Possibly. Do I care? Absolutely not.
That little baby in my belly has stolen my heart. No questions asked.

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